All of my products are produced and tested by me in limited quantities. Since some of the products are out of stock most of the time, this is the best way to check out if it is available and to place the order. I always preferred to get in touch with all of my customers and to provide additional information and instructions for all of my products. To get a discount you need to order more than 1 item. Since discount is not automatically calculated when you add items to the cart please fill the form and submit it to get discounted price with shipping included. If you would like to order more than one piece of the same product make sure to mention it in the Message box.

Discount depends on the number of products that you order.

(10% for 2 products, 15% for 3 products, and 20% for 4 or more products)

Please fill the form and submit it to receive a discount on 2 or more products and shipping calculations.